Замена Сайлентблоков Задней Балки Рено Лагуна 1

Рено Лагуна 1.9 dci F9Q › Logbook › 10) Replacement of silent blocks of the rear beam.

In the abode with the replacement I want to thank Tumb1er’a for borrowed bug and my father who helped picking 🙂

So that was in stock:
-New Silenttons 🙂 Hutchinson
-Garage ( without pit )
-set of an ordinary tool (ratchets, heads, multiple car keys)
-presovshchik (according to the scheme of Smolensk)
-a lozenge saws for metal (and did not come in handy)
-Lubrication (graphite)
-WD40 (where without it :))
-hairpin for 12 long 1m
-4-re nuts M12 (only needed 2-ve)
The puller was not.

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I) Preparation
To start, I read the topic on the forum , as well as this post Crablos’a and of course the people who unsubscribed and dovali advice in LS. I can safely say that if you have never changed the sajlets and read these things — everything will pass to the HURR)))

Next, already on arrival in the garage — priotpuskayut bolts of the rear wheels, jack the back of the car and put it on the pads (well, or to whom that is convenient). Fill with WD’shou all that we will twist.

Замена Сайлентблоков Задней Балки Рено Лагуна 1

Как заменить сайлентблоки и отрегулировать заднюю подвеску на Рено Меган

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Сайлентблоки SWAG 60 92 1039.

Сайлентблоки задней балки на Renault Laguna 2

Выпрессовка и установка сайлентблоков задней балки на Renault Laguna 2.

II) Disassembly
Everywhere the procedure is chewed so I will describe it shortly as I did.
1. Removed from the right: from the fasteners ABS sensor wire. Left: two staples from the brake fluid connections and took nipples out of the groove, took out the ABS sensor wire from the clamp, disconnected the headlight corrector (if you have xenon) and some other cord pulled out of the groove. Under the crossbar, I put the shoe, because It did not turn out to remove the chip from the headlight corrector sensor. So I secured myself from an accidental wire break at the headlight corrector. The beam was supported by a brick (just in case). Under the rear wheels we put the stops, if the beam goes back, it can rip the bumper (say)
2. Unscrew two 12-faceted bolts that hold the cross and pass through the sealant (photo 1). He took it across.
3. I removed the so-called triangles that cover the silent. Mount each by three bolts. With them, usually on the reviews and there are problems (get bored and break off). I had a hairpin with a nut instead of one, someone was unlucky to me. Everything turned out fine, some bolts were still in the grease, it seems the former owner did not lie about the recent replacement of the silents).
4. Next, roll the beam back, a little bit that would not damage the bumper. After looking below it seemed that the place is still small and under the rear springs, I threw off the wheels and unscrewed the top mount shock absorbers. Now the beam can be rolled out a little more and the silente is under the arch where there are places to work in bulk :)) That would not accidentally break the brake pipes under the beam put a couple of bricks.

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